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Secret Tips to Keep your Diamond Ring Sparkling

“The sparks will fly – and your diamond will shine – when you follow these steps”

A prized possession like fine jewelry always compliments the final outfit when getting ready. Diamonds add a glamorous yet effortlessly sophisticated touch to any look you’re wearing. They’re a valuable asset to have and so its important to ensure its always kept in the best possible condition, lucky for you, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to keep your rock glittering away! 

We split the secrets into 2 sections: Precautions Tips and Cleaning Tricks.

Precaution Tips

  1. Avoid chemical cosmetics such as perfumes, lotions or sprays. The chemicals cause discoloration and dullness in diamonds to prevent from sparkling.

  2. Keep diamonds separate from metals, to avoid scratches on the diamonds.

  3. Avoid Chlorine, take off your jewelry when going for a swim to ensure no discoloration of diamonds occurs.

  4. Visit a professional jeweler once a year to ensure the precious metals and stones are in good shape.


Cleaning Tricks

  1. Softly polish your diamonds with a toothbrush and soap, then wash thoroughly with clean water and gently wipe with a soft cloth. Be careful not to drop it in the sinkhole!

  2. Soak jewelry in Vodka or Gin for several hours. The ethanol content is a natural solvent that dissolves dirt molecules attached to the diamond.

  3. Soak jewelry in Baking Soda + Water mixture for few minutes and gently scrub. Rinse through warm water and dry gently.

  4. If Necessary; ultrasonic cleaners can be used to remove encrusted dirt on diamonds. The low frequency sound waves though a solution removed accumulated dirt and grime. Warning: this process can also shake loose stones from their mountings.

Let us know if this was helpful! If you have any questions please ask here and we will get back to you soon.

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