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Gentleman's Guide to Picking the Perfect Diamond Accessory

"Diamonds are also man's best friend - to add a touch of class and sophistication"

Men are always cautious when it comes to wearing diamonds but who are we to blame? There are very limited varieties available for men in comparison to women.

With the blessings of true gentlemen, we have created this perfect guide to pick out the perfect diamond accessory to your personality.

What kind of Gentleman are you?

Works in a physically-demanding field or around machinery

  • a traditional band-style ring may be better suited than a designed with raised stones. The flat style will prevent his finger and knuckles from scraping as he grasps levers or lifts heavy items throughout the day.

  • a chain necklace along with the ring. Threading the ring onto the necklace before                                work will allow him to keep his ring 'on' whilst leaving his hands free from damage.

Works in an office job or public-facing position

  • fancy ornate designs and large diamonds may not be appropriate nor desired for the everyday. stick to simple, straightforward designs with a modern twist of small/medium sized diamonds embellished.

  • a classic watch, ring or bracelet with a simple addition of diamonds will make the man look neat and approachable without seeming flashy.

Works from home or retired

  • ring, bracelet, watch or necklace chains are all excellent choices, but make sure to keep your unique style in mind.

  • a man who has a bold presence and the clothes to match will want accessories that are equally assertive with carat-sized diamonds; vice versa if his closet is slightly more tailored and neutral.


Very active and frequently takes his jewelry off

  • be generous with sizing. As he works out, his blood pressure rises and a ring that barely fit would become uncomfortably tight.

  • bracelet with clip-on locks, adjustable locks or wrap-around coils are all great considerations for when fashion adjusts to your comfort. 


Often wears formal suits or business wear

  • a nicely embellished diamond watch is the perfect way to illustrate class when it sneaks out of your sleeve as you point to the bar!

  • a pair of diamond cufflinks can be the perfect accessory, small sized diamond embellished are perfect for a big business meeting and 2 glittering rocks for the evening events.


Let us know if this was helpful! If you have any questions please ask here and we will get back to you soon.

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