Know Your Diamond Ring Style


If you aren't sure what design may be best for you, we have put together a guide to get you started.

If you're finding a ring for your loved one, this guide will help you uncover his/her taste by observing what kind of jewelry they already have, what style matched their wardrobe or lifestyle.

We ensure we will find you the perfect ring for your unique taste.

On the internet, you will be able to find several unique designs but rarely do they assist the viewer on what may be perfect for them. Working closely with our master jewelers and diamond experts, we have comprised this guide to ensure you can find the perfect ring that reflects your lifestyle, preferences and personality. This isn't just any piece of jewelry; an engagement ring is a symbol of forever.

For those with simple, elegant and classic taste


This design draws all the attention to a single beautiful stone. The solitaire is the most popular engagement ring setting as it centers on an exquisite diamond. The round brilliant cuts offered by MANEE are our best-selling and traditional shape of engagement rings. 


Pear, Oval, Cushion and Emerald shaped diamonds have been extra popular in the past few years among celebrities such as Amal Clooney, Priyanka Chopra, Karlie Kloss, Hailey Bieber and more. Fancy Shapes add a modern touch to the classic and elegant solitaire ring.

Pear-shaped diamond set with a yellow gold band. MANEE Jewel


Yellow Gold is officially on the rise for 2019. This precious metal perfectly works both with diamonds and colored gemstones and compliments every type of setting, including classic, vintage and modern. With a simple solitaire ring; yellow gold is the perfect compliment to the simple yet elegant personality.

Emerald-shaped set into yellow gold. MANEE Jewel

For those looking for a contemporary and sophisticated design


Individually selected diamonds exquisitely embrace the center stone in a circle or square shape. This helps make the main diamond appear larger and intensify the overall sparkly and beauty of the ring. We have seen couples getting more creative with their halo designs, choosing distinctive shapes and details rather than cushion or round shape halos.

Oval Cut diamond halo engagement ring. MANEE Jewel

FOR expressing your eternal devotion or as an anniversary gift


Three carefully matched diamonds are dramatically positioned side by side to form a sparkling band over the finger. The center stone is usually larger than the two side stones. Also known as the Trilogy, each diamond symbolizes the past, present and future.Perfect ring to symbolize the togetherness of a long-term relationship.

Cushion cut diamonds three-stone arrangement. MANEE Jewel

FOR those who like to customize their look with an extra sparkle


A magnificent diamond takes center stage, and is surrounded by a row of impressive individual diamonds. This timeless setting celebrates the allure of the diamond as light radiates our from all angles. This is perfect for the woman who doesn't want to wear a big rock on their finger everyday, a simple eternity band is perfect for the weekends.

Pear-shaped diamond ring stacked with an eternity band. MANEE Jewel



As the name suggest, this setting offers unique designs that gives graceful fluidity to the ring. Both simple and dramatic, this unique style offers a bold design story. Besides, delicate asymmetrical touches are the best way to show off your individuality.

Old Mine Cut diamond asymmetrical ring. MANEE Jewel

for those who favor an antique and
decorative ring


Classic engagement ring designs are timeless. However, they can always be made more special with the additional of small details that are not immediately noticed. Hidden pavé accents, often as a bridge beneath the setting, is the perfect way to set your engagement ring apart from the crowd. Especially, with the additional finish and sparkly to the main solitaire.

Cushion cut diamond with hidden pavé ring. MANEE Jewel


This is perfect for those that seek for a little extra sparkle. The micro-pavé setting appears delicate and slim from the top, but surprises with sparkle when viewed from the side. Besides, tiny accents look great with any size of the centre stone even with smaller ones.

Oval shaped diamond micro-pavé ring. MANEE Jewel

for the modern stylish woman with an
avant-garde taste


Effortlessly stylish, contemporary settings are bold and pure at the same time. These designs tastefully adhere to the saying that less is more. Diamonds does not have to be the center stone, but complement precious gemstones very well - adding an element of class and elegance to your diamond ring.

Sapphire halo diamond arrangement. MANEE Jewel

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