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The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings

These stunning celebrity engagement rings prove that a diamond - if not a marriage - is forever. But engagement rings haven't always been all about the diamond: Roman brides were given a gold ring to wear in public and an iron ring to wear at home. Fast forward to 1947 and De Beer's famous slogan, "A diamond is forever."

The rest is history.

1.  Jennifer Lopez


The Fiancé: Alex Rodriguez

The Ring: A 16-carat emerald diamond

The Price: Reported $1.8 million

The Proposal: March 2019

2.  Ariana Grande

The Fiancé: Pete Davidson

The Ring: A 3 carat pear-shaped diamond from jeweler Greg Yuna

The Price: Nearly $100,000

The Proposal: June 2018

Called off: October 2018

3.  Hailey Baldwin

The Fiancé: Justin Bieber

The Ring: A six to 10 carat oval diamond by Solow & Co.

The Proposal: July 2018

4.  Demi Lovato

The Fiancé: Max Ehrich

The Ring: An emerald cut diamond, flanked by two trapezoid diamonds

The Price: An estimated $1 million

The Proposal: July 2020

5.  Cardi B

The Fiancé: Offset

The Ring: An 8 carat pear-shaped diamond

The Price: $500,000

The Proposal: September 2017

6.  Paris Hilton

The Fiancé: Chris Zylka

The Ring: A twenty carat tear-drop diamond by jeweler Michael Greene

The Price: $2 million

The Proposal: January 2018

Called off: November 2018

7.  Emily Ratajkowski

The Fiancé: Sebastian Bear-McClard

The Ring: Two pear and princess cut diamonds with a cold band, designed by Ratajkowski

The Marriage: February 2018

8.  Pippa Middleton

The Fiancé: James Matthews

The Ring: A large asscher diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds.

The Price: An estimated 200,000 pounds

The Proposal: July 2016

The Marriage: May 2017

9.  Kim Kardashian

The Fiancé: Kanye West

The Ring: A 15 carat D flawless cushion cut diamond from jeweler Lorraine Schwartz

The Price: An estimated $2 million

The Proposal: October 2013

The Marriage: May 2014

10.  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The Fiancé: Jason Statham

The Ring: A classic large center stone flanked by micro-pavé set diamonds

The Price: An estimated $350,000

The Proposal: January 2016

11.  Miranda Kerr

The Fiancé: Evan Spiegel

The Ring: A round brilliant diamond flanked by tapered baguettes on a platinum band

The Price: An estimated $75,000 to $100,000

The Proposal: July 2016

The Marriage: May 2017

12.  Lady Gaga

The Fiancé: Taylor Kinney

The Ring: A 6 carat hear shaped diamond from jeweler Lorraine Schwartz

The Price: An estimated $500,000

The Proposal: February 2015

Called off: July 2016

13.  Blake Lively

The Fiancé: Ryan Reynolds

The Ring: A 12 carat oval-cut diamond with micro-pavé band

The Price: An estimated $2 million

The Proposal: unknown

The Marriage: September 2012

14.  Beyoncé

The Fiancé: Jay Z

The Ring: A reported 18 carat center diamond set on a split shank

The Price: An estimated $5 million

The Marriage: April 2008

15.  Angelina Jolie

The Fiancé: Brad Pitt

The Ring: A total 16 carat ring that took Pitt, along with jeweler Robert

Procop, a year to design.

The Price: An estimated $500,000

The Proposal: April 2012

The Marriage: August 2014

The Divorce: September 2016

16.  Amal Alamuddin Clooney

The Fiancé: George Clooney

The Ring: An ethically mined emerald cut 7 carat diamond with two tapered baguettes

The Price: An estimated $750,000

The Proposal: April 2014

The Marriage: September 2014

17.  Elizabeth Taylor

The Fiancé: Michael Todd

The Ring: An almost 30 carat emerald cut diamond

Sale price at 2011 auction: $3.7 million

The Marriage: February 1957

The Divorce: March 1958

18.  Jennifer Aniston

The Fiancé: Justin Theroux

The Ring: An 8 carat radiant-cut diamond

The Price: An estimated $500,000

The Proposal: August 2012

The Marriage: August 2015

The Divorce: February 2018

19.  Heidi Klum

The Fiancé: Seal

The Ring: A 10 carat canary yellow center diamond set in a gold band of pavé diamonds

The Price: An estimated $150,000

The Marriage: May 2005

The Divorce: October 2014

20.  Marilyn Monroe

The Fiancé: Joe DiMaggio

The Ring: A platinum eternity band with 35 baguette-cut diamonds

The Marriage: January 1954

The Divorce: October 1955

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