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We believe a successful company has a responsibility to the greater community, which is why our legacy of philanthropic giving to nonprofit organizations and civic institutions in the cities and communities where we operate is deeply connected to our core business.

Our vision at MANEE is to provide innovative customer-centric solutions through sustainable intelligence.


Our approach to philanthropy is comprised of three main parts: MANEE Life aims to address the needs of the planet, product and people. The initiative was established as a critical piece of our global sustainability efforts and has contributed to long-term social and environmental change. We wanted to give back to our community; educating users of our industry and ensuring sustainable initiatives are taken within our supply chain.

We also support the issues our employees are passionate about through our MANEE Life initiative, which encourages employee giving and volunteering. Each year, we donate a substantial amount of our pre-tax earnings towards our humanitarian and environmental conservation projects.


Our Corporate Giving program helps our company support local communities and connect with our customers around shared values, such as humanitarian and environmental conservation.

Through the Tree Branch


We're committed to protecting the natural world by taking bold action on climate change and conservation.


We strive to ensure that every step in the journey of our products contributes to the well-being of people and the planet.


We honor our employees, customers and communities through a dedication to diversity, inclusion, fairness and development.

Park Trees

The MANEE Life initiative is strategically aligned to complement our sustainability efforts, supporting progress on issues that matter to our business and stakeholders. The initiative's mission is to preserve Thailand's most treasured landscapes and seascapes,

Since 2014, MANEE Life has planted almost 1 million trees throughout Thailand in efforts to conserve the environmental impact of the diamond industry and climate change. 

When it comes to responsible mining, the initiative promotes remediation and preservation of culturally and environmentally significant lands within Thailand and India. The initiative supports the protection of our atmosphere with heavy investments in organic agriculture; preserving up to 600,000 successfully grown trees.


Our tradition of corporate giving helps us connect with our customers around shared values, such as humanitarian initiatives and environmental conservation. 

This tradition began with our founder, Nilesh Italiya, embarking on a natural conservation project in an effort to mitigate the impacts of climate change and ensure we are taking sustainable actions for our future generations to come. 


Today, we have expanded our support for agriculture and humanitarian benefits through corporate giving, with initiatives taken during the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing agricultural projects funded by MANEE.

We understand that mining can have significant environmental impacts, and we make it a priority to minimize these impacts throughout our supply chain.


We are selective about which suppliers we work with and what countries we source from; we go beyond our own supply chain through our efforts to influence the broader landscape and create change to reduce mining's impacts on the environment.

MANEE Life Foundation

6-year-old trees planted by MANEE Life Foundation


We, as the MANEE Family, are always eager to share our hospitality with our customers as we believe our core values to center around the symbol of love and trust, which is synonymous to diamonds.

Our company's cultural values guide us to "do the right thing". We are proud to support the causes our employees are most passionate about. We strive to respect and protect the rights of all people whose lives are impacted by our business, from miners who provide our raw materials to the workers who polish our diamonds. Within MANEE, we have developed a robust approach to protecting human rights through responsible sourcing included in our Code of Conduct, where we ensure our factory meets and exceeds the standards stated.

If you want to learn more about MANEE's Philanthropic Projects, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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