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How does Hong Kong help the Global Diamond Industry?

The impact Hong Kong market has on the global diamond and jewelry industry.

Hong Kong has been an integral hub for the Diamond and Jewelry industry due to the attractive tax incentives and geographical location. The Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair connect traders, jewelers and customers together in order to flourish the industry. In order to continue catering the MANEE service in Hong Kong, we have a a subsidiary company named AQUA Diamonds.

What is Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair?

The Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair is held twice a year in the flourishing Hong Kong diamond market, in June and September. At the show, quality jewelry from around the world is exchanged - without any rights or restrictions. This unique concept allows large and small diamonds, as well as its traders, to easily enter booming markets such as mainland China and the rest of Asia.


Who can go there?

The vast majority of the show's audience consists of large and small jewelry and diamond retailers around the world. They come together to present their gems and diamond jewelry, with the aim of breaking into different new markets. Private investors can also access the fair, even if they represent a minority of visitors.

The Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair website has three main reasons for organizing such an event.

     1.  Strategic location, which makes it a highly accessible clearing house for the Asia-Pacific region.

     2. The professional organization of global events like this creates a safe and professional environment for all business interactions

     3. The event offers all participants the opportunity to present their jewelry and diamond collections to a wide variety of interested customers, right in the heart of one of the industry's most important networking events. In 2016, nearly 25,000 retailers from around the world participated.

Why is the event so important for the global diamond market?

The Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair consolidates the region's growing importance in the global diamond market and opens up a new world for the diamond industry. The breakthrough in the thriving Asian diamond market presents exciting new opportunities for retailers, wholesalers, collectors and many others by giving them the chance to explore a new market and develop new ideas. The growing Asian economies and the growing interest in diamonds broaden the diamond market and suggest a period of healthy growth for years to come. And as diamonds continue to conquer the world, the value of your investment in diamonds continues to grow.


MANEE has extended its service to Hong Kong for its loyal customer base in Hong Kong and mainland China. We wanted to ensure that the signature MANEE quality service was maintained regardless of where our clientele was located. In doing so, we chose to open our operations in 2009 and have been maintaining the MANEE service under the name AQUA Diamonds for over a decade. If you may have any further inquiries, please contact us.

We participate in the Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair annually. You can RSVP to our upcoming events so that we can best cater our services to you; Go to Upcoming Events.

Visit Aqua Diamonds Website to learn more.

Let us know if this was helpful! If you have any questions please ask here and we will get back to you soon.

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