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We agree that nowadays with a large transition towards e-commerce platforms and social media, most financial transactions and other activities have been conducted online for the convenience of buyers. Since diamonds are a valuable merchandise, people may be confused whether to buy diamonds online or offline.

This article, thus, is written to answer all your questions.

Buying Diamonds from Offline Stores

is always the most reliable way.

For those who have never bought diamonds before or haven't ordered diamonds online before; We highly recommend you to visit diamond stores in-person for your own comfort.

Later, if you find that particular shop reliable, you may be able to buy diamonds from online stores with relief.

Rule of Thumb : Go from Offline to Online




Increased Reliability

Visiting Stores especially if the diamond shop is located in the commercial districts or in leading department stores adheres to being genuine. Surely reliable and guarantee that the diamond you are getting is worth your money.

Wide Variety of Diamonds to Choose

A great store will show you lots of different options in your price range and educate you on the tradeoffs to be made amongst the 4 C's. Contact our expert if you may need assistance.

Expert not same as Salesperson

'Diamond Expert' is not the same as 'Diamond Salesperson'. At most stores, the primary goal is not to educate you but to sell. You can be misinformed and misled, both intentionally or unintentionally,

Large Stores will Apply an Overhead

More employees, large central location (Siam Paragon etc), more electricity, more money out of the buyer's pockets.

Direct Contact with Experts

Getting LIVE expert advice helps you in making the correct purchasing decision for the diamond perfect for you and your budget. 

Getting the feel of the actual diamond

Judging for yourself the brilliance and fire of all options available to you, will ensure what you have bought was worth what you spent.




Risky buying online without in-store

Diamonds are a valuable merchandise; therefore, reliability of the shop must come first. If the shop you choose has only online store with no shop front, you may have to take the risk of buying a fake diamond.

Most convenient way to buy diamonds

If you have already checked the reliability of the online diamond shop, you can choose the diamond you want. After than, the only thing you have to do is wait for your diamond to be delivered.

Wide Variety of Certified Diamonds

You are usually limited to the supply that is available in the store,  it will not have thousands options they way website have. There is a diamond for every craving and every budget.

Search Diamonds if you would like to see MANEE's wide variety of certified diamonds.

Cheaper than Buying Offline

No costs incurred in physically going to the store. You also don't pay for overhead prices of the store, and can compare prices amongst different vendors.

Take as much time as you want

Take as much time as you desire contemplating for the right choice of diamond without any pressure from your surroundings. Make the right decision at the comfort of your home.

Risk of 'Buying off the Numbers'

Two diamonds can have an identical cut grade of 'excellent'. But can differ dramatically in how they handle light. Their certificates may look identical but their 'make' can cause price variations.

Miss chance to feel the diamond

May miss the chance to perceive the true beauty/sparkle of a particular diamond from the images. Not all images may have accurate images of every diamond (especially smaller sizes).

Distinguishing a great make from an average or above average make takes an expert to identify.

Inaccurate information may be given

Since the Internet isn't regulated, there may be inaccurate and misleading information about diamonds. More importantly you may be prey for paying a premium price for a lower quality diamond.

We provide more than GIA, HRD, IGI

We provide Certified Diamonds (GIA, IGI, HRD) along with MANEE Graded Non-Certified Diamonds online which may be a convenient choice for certain customers. We offer HD 360 degree videos of diamonds with illustrations of all inclusions that you may not necessarily identify in person.



        Buying a diamond is far from being simple. For most, it is a delicate subject which involves lots of emotions and a great deal of money. While most people think that the diamond industry is very simple and all you need to know are the 4 C's, the fact is that it is a very complex one with hundreds of sub niches.

        Since minor changes in these small gems mean significant fluctuations in pricing, we highly recommend learning the basics (learn the diamond language with our diamond grading criteria). Once you get through the criteria you will be able to understand what the sellers are talking about (whether online or offline) and more importantly you'll know what to watch out from.


        Most companies that show their stock online use sample photos when displaying the diamond. This is well understood especially when displaying thousands of diamonds. However, even if you buy a diamond with a certificate that states all of its attributes, I must highly recommend asking for the picture of the actual diamond. With advanced technology today, MANEE provides full HD 360 videos with inclusions annotated for the user's convenience.


         Buying online you aren't quite sure who operates the website. Even the best looking website can be a honey trap operated by credit card thieves (known as phishing). Ask for certifications, if they are members of the Thai Gem and Jewelry Association. The diamond industry is highly regulated therefore this information is easy to be verified.

         There is an additional advantage to buying diamonds from registered dealers and it is avoiding from conflict diamonds (blood diamonds). As diamond manufacturers we sign and guarantee that we avoid in all ways from conflict diamonds and that we only buy diamonds from legitimate sources. We are under extremely strict supervision and every polished diamond or rough that is imported is checked and verified with customs.


        Make sure that your data, your credit information, is well secured. Note on top that during the payment or search process you are in HTTPS URL (secured and encrypted unlike regular http).

At MANEE, our payment policy is as follows:

        For certified diamonds purchased online, we require 20% payment in advance on confirmation of your order on the same day. The remaining 80% must be paid on the date of delivery.

All prices are expressed in USD, unless otherwise stated and will be exclusive of any duties, taxes and/or bank charges.

For more information; visit our Terms and Conditions.


        Make sure that the price includes everything. No additional handling fee, no additional fee for the certificate, no shipping fee (which is costly when it comes to diamonds). Also make sure that the shipping fee (if exists) is for a fully insured shipping. It is not something to play with - don't ship diamonds without insurance. At MANEE, we cover all additional fees including FOB destination insured shipping fees.


        Most companies provide 14 days money back guarantee no questions asked.

At MANEE, we have a stress-free return policy. If there are any issues with the diamond or certificate; we will provide full money back within 7 business days and a fully insured pick up service for the diamond

(terms and conditions apply)

We recommend in-person meetings if there are any returns, to ensure that we can provide the best diamond for you.

Let us know if this was helpful! If you have any questions please ask here and we will get back to you soon.

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